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How To Promote Onlyfans Page On Reddit?

OnlyFans doesn’t promote your OnlyFans page or give you any exposure by default. You must use your marketing skills to grow your page by promoting your content on social media platforms, especially adult content-friendly platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Reddit is an anonymous social media platform where groups of people are interested in the same topic called Subreddits. There are huge NSFW subreddits on Reddit to help you reach your target audience. 

How does Reddit work for OnlyFans Creators? 

Reddit isn’t a platform like any other social media platform, it is a completely different platform, and that’s why most of the OnlyFans creators get banned or suspended from big NSFW subreddits. This is a big loss for anyone to miss a big audience. 

Following are some things you should know about Reddit before you go there and start promoting your OnlyFans content: 

  • Karma: There are two types of Karma on Reddit — post karma and comment karma. Post karma is when you get upvotes or likes on your post, and comment karma is when you comment on other people's posts and get more Upvotes (likes) 
  • The age of your account: The age of your account is very important. In most cases, subreddits need at least one month of account age to post on big subreddits. 
  • Verification on Reddit: It is very important, in some cases you can avoid focusing on Karma and the age of your Reddit account and post there if you get verified. 

What is verification on Reddit? Verification is mostly done by the big NSFW (Not-safe-for-work) subreddits. They first verify that you are a real person behind the account and the content is directly coming from you, so you need to make a verification post with your picture attached using your username. Then the mods of that big NSFW subreddits verify you, and now you can post your OnlyFans short clips and pictures on those subreddits without worrying about getting banned or reaching a specific Reddit Karma. 

Getting verified on OnlyFans has another advantage: it adds credibility to your Reddit account. And it helps you with getting more fans on your OnlyFans page. 

How OnlyFans creators use Reddit to promote their content? 

I will share a step-by-step guide you, as an OnlyFans creator, use to promote your content on Reddit. 

  1. Create an account on OnlyFans. 
  2. Find your Favourite or relevant NSFW subreddits. 
  3. Join these Subreddits and start posting short clips of your OnlyFans content. 
  4. Add your OnlyFans page link in the Bio of your Reddit profile. 
  5. Be consistent. 
  6. Boom! You are on track to getting more fans from Reddit. 

Reddit is an amazing platform for adult content creators. Still, one fact is it is very competitive as you can find almost every OnlyFans creator posting content on Reddit, as well as those who are just posting their content without promoting anything. 

If you are new to Reddit marketing your OnlyFans, try to be consistent, and don’t lose hope if you don’t see any results for the first few days or weeks. It is all part of the process; once you have a good number of followers, you can get more traction there. 

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They are providing the following services: 

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Best NSFW Subreddits for OnlyFans creators: 

What are some NSFW subreddits for OnlyFans creators that you should follow as a creator and promote your content there: 

  1. r/NSFW
  2. r/cuckold 
  3. r/onlyfanspromotions
  4. r/onlyfansreviews
  5. r/nsfwcouple 
  6. r/onlyfanspromo
  7. r/BBC
  8. r/tits
  9. r/chubby
  10. r/freeonlyfanspromo
  11. r/onlyfanspetite

I have learned that you can use other OnlyFans unrelated NSFW subreddits to get more subscribers or followers on OnlyFans. Reddit is very competitive, especially for adult content creators but you need to produce top-of-the-line content as well as be consistent with publishing more content. 

Reddit Marketing Tips and tricks: 

Following are some of the Pro Tips and Tricks for OnlyFans creators to use Reddit marketing: 

  • Always use short clips from your full-length content and upload them to different subreddits. 
  • You can use the same clip and distribute it to multiple subreddits. 
  • Try to engage with the people who leave a comment on your videos or pictures. 
  • Use your OnlyFans link in the Bio of your Reddit profile. Don’t use your OnlyFans link in subreddits or with the posts. Let the curious fans find your OnlyFans page. 
  • Use a pinned post on your profile where you introduce yourself

Case study 1: How does an OnlyFans creator just using Reddit and Twitter grow his OnlyFans?

A creator producing content in the hotwife lifestyle is using Twitter and Reddit as a marketing platform for getting more fans as well as collaborating with more creators. This means he (as a bull OnlyFans creator) was getting more fans posting content on Reddit as well as Twitter and also he is getting more creators to collaborate with him (hotwives) 

He is now in the top 0.01% OnlyFans creator which means he is now making $30,000 a month on OnlyFans. His whole strategy is based on Reddit and Twitter. He uses short clips from his long-form content to gather more fans on his OnlyFans. 

Case Study 2: How a couple using Reddit to promote their OnlyFans: 

There is a couple on Reddit that just use Reddit as a primary marketing platform to promote their OnlyFans. They produce content of every type like FF, FFM, FFF, FFFF, MFFF, and all the possible combinations, and sometimes it is completely swinger content. They use the same strategy all other OnlyFans Redditors are using; posting a shorter version of content on NSFW Subreddits to drive fans to their OnlyFans page. 

If you are someone looking to use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans, learning from these two case studies will help you get more fans and you will build a sustainable business around your content. 

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NeoAgency is one of the best in the business of OnlyFans and they have helped a lot of content creators to get good at marketing and get success on the platform. 

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Reddit Optimization Tips for getting more subscribers on OnlyFans: 

Reddit is a bit tricky platform for many, especially for the new ones and the new creators are often banned or suspended from the famous NSFW subreddits because of their own fault, or at least they don’t know that every subreddit has its own posting rules for Karma and age of the account to stop spammers posting their platform. We have discussed this in the above section of this article. 

Following are some of the Reddit optimization Tips for getting more paying subscribers on your OnlyFans page: 

  • Always use your OnlyFans page link in the Bio of your Reddit profile and don’t use it anywhere else if it isn’t required. 
  • If you extract one short clip from one of the long-form videos and upload it to different NSFW subreddits. You can use the same clip and upload it to dozens of NSFW subreddits. 
  • You can use automation to schedule your posts on Reddit for a whole week. 
  • Posts consistently on Reddit. You can get followers as well as build your authority on certain NSFW subreddits. 
  • You can upload your videos directly but it is better to use RedGif to upload your videos and then embed them on the subreddit you want to promote. Better to use custom captions so you can get more viewership or more engagement on your articles. 

PS: How to promote OnlyFans on Reddit: 

Reddit is a very competitive but one of the best platforms for creators to promote their OnlyFans page. Reddit has huge communities of similar interest called Subreddits where you can find a lot of fans. 

In this article, we have discussed everything to help you better use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans page. 

If you are just starting out, it is hard to get traction initially but if you are consistent with your content strategy, you can build a consistent source of traffic to your OnlyFans page.